Stories From Sleepless Nights

by 3 1/2 Inch Floppy

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released March 1, 2001



all rights reserved


3 1/2 Inch Floppy Birmingham, UK

I met all of the band over a couple of weeks in October 1999. We met at different times, due to different band T-shirts. Sebby, Dave and I practised in my kitchen and it’s a miracle that they didn’t walk out then. But they stayed on, and Pete, Rachel and Jo were thrown in and the rest, as they say, is… unfortunate.
- Will DeNiro
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Track Name: Hang Out With Me Tomorrow
Forget about your job
If you get kicked out you can have my sofa
It’s nearly midnight
And I’m kind of worked up about the future

Hang out with me tomorrow

We could hit Piccadilly
Drink beer amongst the breakfast rush hour
You could stop all the traffic
As we stagger aimlessly around our world

If you hang out with me tomorrow

So phone me at nine
If you talk to my parents please don’t use swearwords
I’m dreaming of you tonight
As I watch the moonlight on your side of the city
Track Name: T-Shirts
when will you realise just what’s going on?
should I put a fucking ad out in the local news?
I’ve been in love with you now for oh so long
I’d bin all my Mayfairs just to see you in the nude

‘cos you, those t-shirts you wear
those green streaks of dye polluting your hair
I dream of you, you’re everywhere I go
the world’s just not fair, nobody cares and you’ll never know

I saw you yesterday on the other side of the road
my heart felt like a timebomb just waiting to explode
remember my name, in case you ever see some sense
I’m the guy with the camera, crouched behind your garden fence
Track Name: Turned Out Shite Again
I don’t need any other soul
tonight I own the world

looking at the world from the bottom of my coffee cup
if this is only a dream I don’t think I want to wake up
I won’t be an animal in love’s captivity
from now on this planet’s gonna revolve around me

defiance out of loneliness is a tragic thing indeed
I tried so hard to survive that I forgot how to succeed
competing on my own won’t win me the human race
but I’ve got a box of Kleenex and a smile on my face

I could sit outside
I could cry the stars to sleep
but why do that when ‘Trisha’ is on TV?
Track Name: Fourth Reich
you may call it jealousy, well I call it disgust
smiling faces, visual perfection
genocide for the right complexion
looks or death, yeah, what comes first?
consumerism at its worst
you don’t care who’s suffering
as long as the dough keeps flooding in

don’t wanna live, don’t wanna live
in the Fourth Reich

fuck your 0.1 percent
the pretty people you represent
we’re the 99.9
if this is ugly then it feels just fine
this is how we’re meant to be
the zombies shown us on TV?
tell this to your stupid beauty class
stick your perfect body up your perfect arse
Track Name: Jack Kerouac
St. Petersburg, Florida
did you really think it would end like this?
forty-seven was too young
this faded book is all I have
in the American night
as the Greyhound pulls away

Jack Kerouac
where the fuck did you go?
yeah I really
well, I want to know

what road are you on now?
does the journey carry on?
I guess only time will tell
I heard that down in San Francisco
they still ask ‘where the fuck did Jack go?’
beneath the lonely city lights
where are you tonight?
Track Name: I Dreamed You Were A Necrophile
I dreamed you were out of the ordinary
hanging out around the cemetery
yeah, a little strange
you said “c’mon let’s dig them up”
I tried to run away and call the cops
on you, on you

I dreamed that you had no compassion or remorse
you wouldn’t sleep with me but you’d do it with a corpse
on a gravestone they’d carved out “INSECURITY”
oh why oh why won’t you sleep with me?

I dreamed you were a...

you said “you just want to get laid
so hurry up and grab a spade and help
they ain’t getting any fresher”
I said “I knew you wanted to get boned
if I’d known you’d meant this I would have stayed at home
away from you, away from you
Track Name: London Town
sick of this cocooned emotive world
writing second-rate songs about third-rate girls
suddenly it felt like just a waste of time
when the ladies see me they don’t smile
‘cos they all think I’m juvenile
darling, grab a ticket and get the fuck in line

to survive it’s sometimes necessary to fight
but I just wanna break some things, I just wanna break some things tonight

goodbye, London Town
I laughed out loud
as I tore my city down
oh London town
I’m sure you thought
you’d always be around

put my pride upon the shelf
is that before or after you go fuck yourself?
from now on things round here are gonna change
the tourists they all stopped and stared
as the Queen’s guts splattered on Tony Blair
Big Ben toppled down into the Thames
Track Name: Inflict Ourselves Upon Them
squint at the blue sky, open a beer
my life is telling me what I want to hear
so this is the reward for going against the grain
standing our ground, refusing to change
you used to tell me every night “it’ll work out alright”
though I don’t remember what you meant
but I know how you felt about the hours we inflicted ourselves
upon them, and that’s alright

sometimes I run, take refuge in the past
it helps me to realise that we were built to last
now I look around, I don’t feel so alone
what good would time be if it didn’t help us learn?
I looked around me yesterday, amazed I didn’t feel ashamed
I had to laugh at what we have become
and as you passed me a drink I found it funny to stand back and
see the way we inflict ourselves upon them

so I talked to my friends ‘til we all passed out
you won’t believe me but that’s what life’s about
the world is all here, no direction to hold
refuse to believe that we need to be sold
time has not yet worn us thin, there’s no difference sink or swim
we create the meaning on our own
it’s like we’ve gatecrashed a party and it’s up to us to start it
show ‘em we’re here, inflict ourselves upon them
Track Name: Detox
watching you disappear from my life
inhale the London air as you vanish out of sight
return to the flat just the same as before
there’s still your handwriting on my front door

needless to say, good things go away
why do they always keep going away from me?

staring at your picture wondering where it all went wrong
lost another girl, gained another weak love song
things always fall apart when it seems they’re going right
now it’s me and my left hand, and another lonely night

draw the curtains so no-one can see my face
rent another video as my mind drifts into space
intoxicated, I shout lines of poetry
I drink alone, salute your memory
Track Name: Fashion Victim
I woke up today after 15 hours’ sleep
put on my leather jacket, my converse, and my jeans
then I phoned my girlfriend beaming with pride
‘cos I’m so fucking different… aren’t I?

She said… fashion victim
I’ll be a fashion victim

I got a letter from Milan, they asked if I would go
ponce around the catwalk and advertise B.O
how can I be different, why should we even try?
don’t want to be anonymous, I think I’d rather die
Track Name: One Last Teenage Crush
Two weeks to go, no turning back
‘til I hit the big two-O
Before I mature like John Cusack
There’s something you should know

The years fly by and life’s a rush
So I’ll sit back and dream
My one last teenage crush

I wanna hold your hand and walk around
Read beat poets in the park
Eat toast with this girl I’ve found
And swap saliva in the dark

I wanna bleach and dye your hair
Watch you laugh at passers-by
See you in your underwear
It’s just fantasy but I don’t mind
Track Name: Bathsheba
another billboard grabs my gaze
blackmailing me to join the craze
stifling me in this concrete maze
a cellblock for the city slaves
lowered eyes greet me on the bus
a speeding brothel of regret and rust
today I’m sentenced to harbour my disgust
it’s not their sex and fame I lust

I wanna be
far from the Madding crowd

the world’s a twisted place today
I’m reassessing it far away
where the viewing’s pleasant, eases my brain
where I’m oblivious to all they say
they threaten we’ll be left on the shelf
they warn us all to spend on our health
marketers just play tricks to sell
like Bill Hicks told them: kill yourself

from up here you all look insignificant
it’s like I’m looking through their eyes
Track Name: Smile Or Move
I was quiet for several years
but I awoke one day and said
“I’m fucking glad to be here
yeah I’m proud to be here”
I just wish the same for everyone
‘cos it’s a million times better
than insecurity and fear
(be glad that you’re here)

and I won’t apologise anymore
I’m smiling now
there’s nothing to be sorry for

I make mistakes quite frequently
but they’re MY mistakes
they’re the decisions that got me here
let no-one tell you you’re inferior
there are reasons why they’ll want to bring you down
it’s your world too, be proud

if I get in your way tonight
smile or move ‘cos it’s my right to be here
and I’m proud to be here
‘cos I watch the sun go down each day
my heart quickens
I just can’t believe that I’m here
if only for a few years